Shade-Loving Shrubs That Work Well Under Trees

15 December 2017
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Landscaping not only enhances the look of your home, but it can also increase its overall value. From a lush, green lawn to hardscapes and trees, there are many elements to incorporate into your landscape design. If you are installing flowerbeds for color and texture around your yard, use a selection of flowering shrubs, and trees. Of course, you will need to choose shrubbery thrives under the shade-producing trees. Here are a few colorful, shade-loving shrubs that will work well under trees in your flowerbeds: Read More …

Common Sources Of Storm Damage To Trees

2 December 2017
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Storms can be extremely damaging to your property, and while you may be aware of the damages that these weather events can cause to your home, it can be easy to overlook the various ways that strong storms can damage the trees on your property. By reviewing some of the more common ways that strong storms can damage trees on your property, it will be easier for you to prevent this routine damage from ruining the appearance or health of your trees. Read More …

Large Areas Of Bark Peeling Off Of Your Tree Means It’s Time To Call An Arborist: Here’s What Can Cause It

14 November 2017
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It's natural for all trees to shed their bark periodically as the new growth ring comes in. This process is why the trunk of your tree will always be surrounded by small, dried-out bark chips. Some types of trees, such as the sycamore tree and the birch tree, will shed their bark in large areas. However, for most trees, a large section of missing bark is a very bad sign for the health of your tree. Read More …

Is Your Tree Worth Saving?

9 November 2017
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Because trees add so much beauty and curb appeal to a property, it can be hard on homeowners when a storm or disease damages the tree. Losing the tree could mean losing memories and drastically changing the utility and appearance of the yard. Some hope that with care and nutrition, a tree will bounce back. However, keeping a dying tree is a safety hazard for the property and the people who live there. Read More …

Are You Helping Your Dad Renovate Your Childhood Home? 3 Signs That Tree Removal Should Be A Part Of Your Plans

30 October 2017
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When your parents still live in the house that you were raised in, it often feels as though you truly can go home again. Yet recent years may have brought changes to the house that require some renovations. While you plan to paint and clean up the house, you should also keep in mind that older houses tend to have aging trees. Make sure to check outside for these signs that one or more of the trees in your parents' yard need to be removed. Read More …