Shade-Loving Shrubs That Work Well Under Trees

Shade-Loving Shrubs That Work Well Under Trees

15 December 2017
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Landscaping not only enhances the look of your home, but it can also increase its overall value. From a lush, green lawn to hardscapes and trees, there are many elements to incorporate into your landscape design. If you are installing flowerbeds for color and texture around your yard, use a selection of flowering shrubs, and trees. Of course, you will need to choose shrubbery thrives under the shade-producing trees. Here are a few colorful, shade-loving shrubs that will work well under trees in your flowerbeds:


There are numerous types of azalea shrubs, but each variety prefers partial or full shade. Never plant an azalea in full sun since the excess light and heat will affect the shrub's ability to bloom and grow longer stems.

Azaleas bloom in a variety of colors, so there is an option suited to your personality and design style. Choose from a light pink, which is romantic and classic, or a deep red or purple color to make your flowerbed stand out from the rest of your landscape design.

For your flowerbed, install multiple azalea shrubs under and around your tree. Be sure to plant each shrub with a foot or more between each other. This will ensure even growth for the most appealing look.


The hydrangea is another colorful shrub that thrives in shady areas. For the largest blooms, hydrangea shrubs should receive some sun in the morning and full shade in the afternoon.

It is important to note that some varieties of the hydrangea shrub can grow up to 20 feet high and 18 feet wide, so you will need to space these shrubs accordingly in your flowerbed. Trimming the hydrangea back in the later part of the fall season will keep your flowerbed tidy while promoting new, healthy growth in the spring season.


The elegant look of the gardenia will remain classic and attractive for many years to come. The light and airy white floral spring and summer blooms add a romantic touch to your flowerbeds while the deep green foliage lasts throughout the fall and winter season.

The gardenia can grow tall and wide,  so make sure there is adequate space between each of these shrubs when installing them in flowerbeds with other plants and trees.

Your landscape design should include flowerbeds with trees and shrubs that add beauty and value to your yard. With this guide, you will know which shrubs work best in flowerbeds with shade-producing trees. Contact a company like Greatland Tree Service for more information and assistance.