Common Sources Of Storm Damage To Trees

Common Sources Of Storm Damage To Trees

2 December 2017
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Storms can be extremely damaging to your property, and while you may be aware of the damages that these weather events can cause to your home, it can be easy to overlook the various ways that strong storms can damage the trees on your property. By reviewing some of the more common ways that strong storms can damage trees on your property, it will be easier for you to prevent this routine damage from ruining the appearance or health of your trees.


Hailstones can be particularly damaging to trees. In addition to knocking branches and leaves off the tree, these stones can also knock chunks of bark off the tree, and this can expose the sensitive internal tissue of the tree. This can lead to the tree being at a much higher risk of developing infections or other diseases. Depending on the size and severity of the damaged areas of the tree, you may be able to repair this damage by applying a wood sealant that can keep bacteria and insects out while the tree heals.


Wind is another potential source of obvious damage to your tree. When a tree sustains damage from intense winds, it can lead to branches snapping off. In addition to completely removing large branches, high winds can also damage the tree by bending the branches enough to damage the internal tissue that transports water. This can eventually lead to the branch becoming sick and dying as a result of a lack of water. When a branch has sustained this type of damage, it will likely need to be pruned. Furthermore, you should have this work done as soon as you realize that it has suffered this type of damage. Delays can give the disease a greater chance of developing in the compromised branch, and it could quickly spread throughout the tree.


Erosion can be a problem that may not be readily noticeable with your tree. However, heavy rains can cause the soil near the roots at the base of the tree to wash away. As the soil washes away, it will expose the roots of the tree, which could lead to them being damaged, developing a disease or simply failing to support the weight of the tree. You can prevent this damage from ruining your trees by replacing the soil that has eroded away and taking steps to control the flow of water. Additionally, gravel or mulch can be placed around the base of the tree to help slow the rate of runoff flowing over the soil, which can greatly reduce the ability of the water to wash away the soil.

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