Are You Helping Your Dad Renovate Your Childhood Home? 3 Signs That Tree Removal Should Be A Part Of Your Plans

Are You Helping Your Dad Renovate Your Childhood Home? 3 Signs That Tree Removal Should Be A Part Of Your Plans

30 October 2017
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When your parents still live in the house that you were raised in, it often feels as though you truly can go home again. Yet recent years may have brought changes to the house that require some renovations. While you plan to paint and clean up the house, you should also keep in mind that older houses tend to have aging trees. Make sure to check outside for these signs that one or more of the trees in your parents' yard need to be removed.

Assess the Location

Trees provide shade and can help reduce the energy required to heat or cool your parent's home. However, it is possible that what was once a lovely shade tree has now become a threat to your parent's property. Over the years, the tree may have grown too big for its location near the house. Look at each tree on your parent's property to determine if its proximity to the exterior of the house may cause damage. For instance, long branches can swipe the siding or shingles off of the house, and extensive root systems can grow into the plumbing. If your parent's tree is too close, then schedule a tree removal to protect their property.

Look for Dead Branches

Trees can survive without a few branches, but dead branches pose a safety hazard if they fall on a person or property. Always have dead branches removed before they break off. If you notice multiple dead branches, then arrange to have it professionally inspected to identify a potential cause. In some instances, this could mean that the tree is reaching the end of its life and requires tree removal services.

Inspect for Signs of Disease

Trees are prone to diseases caused by parasites, and a diseased tree will often eventually die and begin to fall. Look at the truck to see if there are signs of disease such as fungus growing on the bark. You should also check for signs of a pest infestation, such as hollow wood or holes drilled into the trunk. If you spot disease, consult with a tree specialist. While some trees can recover from disease, others will need to be removed.

Trees have a life span, and by the time that you are an adult, it is possible that that tree you climbed as a child has reached the end of its life. Protect your parent's safety and that of their property by making sure that any dangerous trees are promptly removed. Contact a tree removal service, like Good Morrow, for more information and help.