Unsightly Stump Woes? 3 Possible Options To Deal With Your Ugly Tree Stump

12 August 2019
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When a tree must be removed, the trunk is often cut off several inches above ground level. Then the trunk and limbs are cut up and either hauled away or left for the homeowner to use as firewood. Limbs that are too small for use as firewood are usually run through a wood chipper which turns them into mulch or sawdust. In the space of just a few hours, a stately tree can be dealt with and removed, but often the stump will remain. Read More …

Tips For Planting And Caring For Japanese Maple Trees

16 July 2019
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If you are ready to update your landscape design and home's curb appeal by planting trees, you may be overwhelmed by your options. The Japanese maple is an attractive tree that will enhance your home's curb appeal with ease. Of course, proper planting and care is essential if you want this tree to not only grow, but also stand the test of time. Here are a few tips to help you plant and maintain your Japanese maple tree. Read More …

3 Reasons To Call In A Tree Expert Before Removing A Tree

20 May 2019
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Do you have a tree that's past its prime? Are you thinking about having it cut down and putting something else in its place? Having a tree removed can be an expensive process so you may be trying to save money and do it yourself. But what you might not realize is that it's possible that your tree doesn't even need to be cut down at all. Before you go to the expense and hassle of getting rid of a tree that can be salvaged, you should at least have a tree care company come out to take a look at it. Read More …

Five Tips for Your Annual Spring Tree Trimming Endeavor

18 March 2019
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If you want to keep your trees looking neat and tidy, giving them a good trim each spring is a smart move. However, trimming trees is not as straightforward as it may seem, and it's easy to make mistakes along the way that result in more harm than good. This spring, keep these five tips in mind as you go about your annual tree trimming. 1. The Earlier, the Better Read More …

Worried Over Storms Causing Tree Damage? 3 Tips For Keeping Up With Tree Services

19 December 2018
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If you're living somewhere that is affected by storms fairly frequently, it's so important for you to take care of your home so that it's not damaged by heavy wind or rain. Instead of waiting until a storm affects your home in a negative way, it's a good idea to look into how scheduling for tree services can be so useful for your home. If you're unsure of the benefits that come with scheduling tree services, look into how it can help protect your home and ensure that you're not putting your home in danger. Read More …