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Tips To Help You Identify Hazardous Trees

26 December 2019
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Hazardous trees are those that can fall at any time and cause injuries or damage. Such trees should be removed before they cause a disaster. Below are some of the telltale signs of dangerous trees. The Tree Is Dead A dead tree is dangerous, irrespective of the cause of death. Whether the death is caused by a disease, lighting strike, or flooding, the tree will begin to rot once it dies. Read More …

Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Rid Of That Tree Stump In Your Yard By Grinding It Away

13 October 2019
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If you're planning to have a tree removed, don't forget about getting rid of the stump too. Stump removal is often an additional step that isn't necessarily included in basic tree removal. You may have old stumps in your yard now that were left by the previous owner of your home. Leaving stumps used to be common since big stumps are so hard to pull out of the earth. Fortunately, you can have stumps ground away, and that's an easy and quick way to eliminate a stump problem. Read More …

Unsightly Stump Woes? 3 Possible Options To Deal With Your Ugly Tree Stump

12 August 2019
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When a tree must be removed, the trunk is often cut off several inches above ground level. Then the trunk and limbs are cut up and either hauled away or left for the homeowner to use as firewood. Limbs that are too small for use as firewood are usually run through a wood chipper which turns them into mulch or sawdust. In the space of just a few hours, a stately tree can be dealt with and removed, but often the stump will remain. Read More …

Tips For Planting And Caring For Japanese Maple Trees

16 July 2019
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If you are ready to update your landscape design and home's curb appeal by planting trees, you may be overwhelmed by your options. The Japanese maple is an attractive tree that will enhance your home's curb appeal with ease. Of course, proper planting and care is essential if you want this tree to not only grow, but also stand the test of time. Here are a few tips to help you plant and maintain your Japanese maple tree. Read More …

3 Reasons To Call In A Tree Expert Before Removing A Tree

20 May 2019
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Do you have a tree that's past its prime? Are you thinking about having it cut down and putting something else in its place? Having a tree removed can be an expensive process so you may be trying to save money and do it yourself. But what you might not realize is that it's possible that your tree doesn't even need to be cut down at all. Before you go to the expense and hassle of getting rid of a tree that can be salvaged, you should at least have a tree care company come out to take a look at it. Read More …