Do You Need Stump Grinding After Tree Removal?

Do You Need Stump Grinding After Tree Removal?

15 June 2023
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Tree removal doesn't include the stump. As a result, you need to think about what to do with the stump before you contact a tree removal service. Luckily, you can ask your tree experts to grind the stump after removing the tree, which should solve your problem in most cases.

What Makes Stump Grinding a Good Solution? 

Stump grinders are powerful machines that can grind through wood and earth. Some of them are the size of lawnmowers. In contrast, others are big enough to be attached to or mounted on vehicles. This is necessary because older trees can leave stumps with widths measured in feet rather than inches. Stump grinding won't remove the roots. However, tree experts grind a few inches below ground level. Thanks to that, people have been known to plant flowerbeds over ground stumps without issue.

You should choose stump grinding if you're concerned about the stump being an eyesore but don't want to spend too much money getting rid of it. Tree experts can remove the roots. The issue is that this won't be cheap because this will be laborious and time-consuming. After all, tree roots are very good at spreading out. Deep Green Permaculture says they extend two to three times the canopy's radius in most cases. That range can rise to five times the canopy's radius when the tree isn't getting enough water.

What Can You Do About a Stump Other Than Stump Grinding?

If you want an easier option, you can leave the stump to rot. However, there are some potential issues to watch out for. One example would be the stump attracting pests that can hurt other plants. Another example would be the stump sprouting new growth. Gardening Know How states elms, willows, and other common species can regenerate themselves this way. If you want the stump removed, you'll need to prune the new growth until the roots run out of energy.

Alternatively, people can also go after the stump and roots directly. Digging them up is an option. Similarly, so is clearing them using fire and herbicides. You should always ask the tree experts doing your tree removal if you want these additional services. They have the tools and the personnel to dig faster. Likewise, they know how to clear stumps using fire and herbicides without causing spillover to the surroundings. Fire and herbicides aren't toys, so people should never use them without the right know-how.

Besides these things, people sometimes incorporate stumps into their landscaping. Some have hollowed-out stumps as planters. Others have varnished stumps for outdoor stands and tables. You'll need effort if you want to use your stump this way. Still, the results can be visually-interesting and surprisingly functional.

Further Considerations

Tree removal isn't the end of the process. Due to this, you need to think about what you want to do with the resulting stump. A tree removal service is knowledgeable about these issues, meaning you can get valuable advice about the aftermath when you ask about tree removal.