About Emergency Tree Services You May Need

About Emergency Tree Services You May Need

13 October 2022
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Tree service can include everything from having someone come out to provide you with advice on the best placement for trees to removing a tree that's become a hazard. While there are many tree-related issues that can wait a while before they demand attention, there are other issues that should be deemed an emergency and require a tree service to come out immediately. This article will cover a few of the things that you would consider to be an emergency, so you know when you need to have someone come out right away. 

Your tree endured serious storm damage

It's normal for some branches to be blown off a tree when the wind blows hard during a serious storm. However, if you see that a large branch has been damaged, then you may want a tree service to come out right away to prevent it from crashing down. Also, they may be able to save the branch. If your tree was struck by lightning, then it would also need to be tended to as soon as the tree service can come. If there is a good deal of root exposure due to flooding, then this is a serious emergency that can pose a hazard. You'll want to make it clear that you have an emergency situation, so the tree service makes your tree a priority. 

Your tree has grown too large and is a problem

Sometimes, a large species of tree will grow in an area that's not accommodating for its future size. If it's been a while since you've taken a look at the tree, you may suddenly find that it is now threatening something on your property. It may have grown into the power lines. Another thing it may threaten is the roof of your home or another structure. If the tree isn't trimmed back right away, then there can end up being serious problems that can happen. 

There are a lot of times when it isn't the crown portion of the tree that's posing a risk. If you suddenly notice that your foundation is being damaged, your fence is being pushed up, or you are having issues with your plumbing, then a tree's roots may be the cause. If the issue looks serious, then this would be another time you would want to call for a tree service to come out to your property for an emergency call. 

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