All You Need To Know About Stump Grinding Process

All You Need To Know About Stump Grinding Process

18 August 2022
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Stump grinding is a labor-intensive and intricate process that requires expertise and proper equipment to complete successfully. Since stump grinding is an involved exercise, it is crucial to hire a skilled arborist for the process. They will evaluate the stump area and put in preventative measures to minimize the risk of damage or injury from the exercise.

Read more about the stump grinding process below to understand what it entails. 

Stump Examination

Stumps will differ from tree to tree as they are exposed to different growing conditions. This makes the root system below some stumps more extensive than others. In addition, stumps may either be softwood or hardwood, requiring lightweight or bigger grinders for the job. Thus, examining the stump is vital to assess its condition. An arborist will measure the extent of the stump's root and inspect the site to get a solid footing for the stump grinder and operator.

Selecting The Right Grinder

Different grinders vary in size and design, such as wheeled and tracked grinders. Since various stumps create different complexities, it is imperative to hire a removal company for the right grinder. Depending on the leftover tree size, they will search for a grinder with the capacity to complete the exercise efficiently. For example, wheeled grinders such as handheld machines are suitable for smaller and softer stumps. Conversely, tracked grinders are fit to maneuver tough stumps along uneven terrains.

Grinding The Stump

Having chosen the right grinder, an arborist places it in the work area. They will secure the grinder into position and commence the exercise. Additionally, they will control the movements of the machinery as the blades rotate and tear into the wood, cutting it into chips and sawdust. Furthermore, they will steadily lower the grinder on the stump as moving it too fast may break it down. Although some grinders have a hose to pick up chips and direct them to a suitable area, flying debris may escape, posing a risk of eye injury.

Clearing the Site

After reducing the stump, the chips produced can be voluminous. An expert arborist will collect them as they fall using a plastic skirt. If chips deviate and fall off the skirt, they will rake them up in a single pile and shovel them in a wheelbarrow. Afterward, they will dump the chips properly. Alternatively, they may use sawdust and chips to fill the hole.

Grinding down a tree without expert assistance might result in miscalculations that slow and complicate the exercise. Thus, you should contact a stump removal service, such as Tree Landers, for help and more informatio.