Hire A Tree Service To Prune Your Trees

Hire A Tree Service To Prune Your Trees

27 July 2022
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Trees can thrive when they are pruned because the energy they would put into all that new growth can go into the existing tree, making it healthier and more robust. If it is a fruit-bearing tree, you can get better production because that's where all the tree's energy and nutrients will go. If you are going to have your tree pruned, then you should call a tree service so that they can do the job.

Time for Pruning

One of the reasons you should hire a tree service to do the pruning work on your tree is that they will know when the best time is to prune your trees. Generally, the best time to do it is in the winter or early spring. The trees will be dormant, so they aren't actively growing or expending much energy. Pruning in the winter will also mean that the pruned areas will be less likely to have insect infestations and heal faster. Healing faster means that your tree will be ready to grow once spring happens, and can put all its energy into growing instead of into healing. 

Purposed Shape

The shapes that trees get pruned into have different purposes. If you want your tree to be a shade tree, the tree service will trim it into another shape than if you want it to produce more fruit or grow taller. When you hire the tree service, you will tell them what you are looking for out of your tree. The tree service will then be able to show you pictures of what the tree's finished shape should look like. It may take a couple of years of trimming, training, and growth to get the tree to the proper form because the structure will have to be created first, but the tree service will start the process. Part of that process is evaluating the tree and seeing what its natural growth is like. It's always better for the tree service to work with the tree to help get it to its final shape because the tree will be stronger and healthier for it. 

If you have your trees pruned, make sure that you hire a tree service to do it. They will be able to give you the best results and trim your tree so that it doesn't get damaged during the process. Tell the tree service your goals; they will help you get there and leave you with beautiful trees. 

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