Why You Should Remove The Tree Stumps In Your Yard

Why You Should Remove The Tree Stumps In Your Yard

24 February 2022
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Ideally, you should remove the tree stumps on your property for aesthetics and curb appeal. The stumps are an eyesore and will often catch the eye of anyone visiting your property. Other reasons to hire tree removal services to extract the tree stumps include the following.

Tree Stumps Are Safety Hazards

Typically, when you cut down a tree, you will leave the bottom part sticking out. This part also referred to as the stump, can be a tripping hazard for your kids. It can injure you or your kids when you are playing in the yard. This is why you will want to remove the tree stump after cutting down the tree. 

Takes Up Space

Tree stumps take up valuable space in your yard. Instead of having an extensive lush lawn, these tree stumps get in the way. They make it harder to weed and maneuver your lawnmower when mowing. This can damage your machine or even injure you. Removing the stumps can make it easier to navigate and use your yard as you prefer. 

Protect Pipes from Root Damage

Sewer pipes are often vulnerable to root damage, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. This is avoidable by hiring tree removal services to get rid of the stumps in your yard. 

Cutting down the trees doesn't necessarily limit root growth. This means the roots can continue growing without the top half. If the roots continue growing in an area with water and sewer pipes, they could cause extensive blockage. 

Tree Stumps Attract Pests

Pests such as termites love wood, and your decaying tree stump could become a colony for termites. The termites could use the rotting and decaying tree stump as a breeding ground before invading your home and neighboring structures. 

It can take years before you even notice termite damage, and by then, it's extensive. This will require termite control and home repair services. Both of which are expensive and avoidable by removing the stumps in your yard. 

How Do You Remove the Stump? 

Ideally, hire a tree removal professional to ensure you get all roots and stumps extracted. Alternatively, you can try DIY tree removal options. However, this doesn't mean using your truck to pull the tree stumps from the ground. You will likely lose your bumper or damage other parts of your car before the stump moves several inches. Some safer DIY options include digging the stump out using a mattock, rotting, grinding using a stump grinder, or burning.  

Contact a tree service company for more information about stump removal