5 Steps For View Enhancement Via Tree Removal

5 Steps For View Enhancement Via Tree Removal

8 July 2021
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A home with a view adds both daily enjoyment and an increase in home value. Over time, trees can grow in and destroy the view. View enhancement is a tree removal and trimming technique that renews the view from your deck, patio, or window. 

1. Take a Picture

Take a photograph from your preferred view spot. For a wide or panoramic view, you may need to take several pictures. The benefit of the photo is you can determine which trees are the best to remove before you make any actual cuts. You can even use computer software to alter the photograph and create a mockup of the view you hope to create. 

2. Frame the View

You don't want to clear cut the area, as this may open up the view but remove a lot of the charm. This is because a view is more picturesque if it is framed by the foreground landscaping. Instead, opt for a natural bowl effect by keeping a couple of tall trees on either side of the main view to act as a frame. It's also ideal to keep a couple of lower trees along the rest of the view horizon to frame and make the view stand out. 

3. Remove all Deadwood

Remove dead trees without guilt. Not only do they not enhance the view, but they can also pose a risk in the event that they are ever blown down in a storm. Dead trees should be removed down to a short stump. If the stump is near the home or in a landscaped area, you should also have it ground down so that it doesn't attract pests. You can leave stumps to decompose naturally if it is in a wilder area. 

4. Selectively Thin

Reassess your removal plan after the dead trees are removed. In some cases, you may not need to remove any more trees to open up the view. In the event the view is still blocked, a few more trees must be removed. The goal is to take out as few trees as possible for the greatest effect. Selectively pruning those that cause the most issue is key.

5. Cut Back as Needed

The final step is to trim back the remaining trees that frame the view, which will benefit both the view and the health of the trees. Your tree service can trim back both the length of the branches as well as the density of their crowns. Keeping up with this trimming every couple of years will help maintain your enhanced view. 

Contact a tree removal service for more information.