3 Reasons To Call In A Tree Expert Before Removing A Tree

3 Reasons To Call In A Tree Expert Before Removing A Tree

20 May 2019
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Do you have a tree that's past its prime? Are you thinking about having it cut down and putting something else in its place? Having a tree removed can be an expensive process so you may be trying to save money and do it yourself. But what you might not realize is that it's possible that your tree doesn't even need to be cut down at all. Before you go to the expense and hassle of getting rid of a tree that can be salvaged, you should at least have a tree care company come out to take a look at it. Some things that could be wrong and that can also be fixed include:

More water: A lot of people assume that established trees don't need to be watered at all but this can actually be an essential part of tree care. Different varieties of trees can be thirstier than others, leading to them looking worse when they aren't watered regularly. A qualified professional can let you know whether your tree is the type that might need watering and, if it is, exactly how much extra water you need to give your tree in order to get it to perk up and to look healthy once again.

Different fertilizer: Just as you shouldn't be feeding dog food to a cat due to different nutritional requirements, trees and flowers also have different needs. A lot of people use the same general-purpose plant fertilizer for everything growing in their yard, not realizing that grass is different from trees and trees are different from bushes. In some cases, a particular fertilizer might have too much of some nutrient even though it doesn't have enough of a different nutrient, eventually leading to a poisoned soil. A good tree care plan will include applying the right type of fertilizer for your tree's needs.

Pruning: Pruning and tree trimming are two more areas where people tend to think that less is more. While this is sometimes true, the reality is that regular pruning by a knowledgeable individual is an essential part of tree care. Pruning can help catch disease or insect damage before it becomes too late. It can also promote future healthier growth, making your tree look even better after a trim than it did before. Removing dead or dying branches will ensure that these do not break off during a storm and cause damage to your home or the surrounding area.