Answering Basic Questions About Tree Pruning And Care

Answering Basic Questions About Tree Pruning And Care

19 September 2018
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Tree pruning can be a task that homeowners will need to do to get the most out of their trees. However, it is a frequent issue for homeowners to lack the information needed when it concerns scheduling professional tree pruning sessions.

Is It Worth The Costs To Have Your Trees Pruned?

You might assume that tree pruning will only be done for cosmetic purposes, which can lead to you assuming that it is not an essential type of maintenance to do. Yet, tree pruning can also provide some important health benefits to your tree. In particular, this maintenance will allow any dead or diseased branches to be removed, which can greatly improve the overall health of the plant.

Will The Tree Pruning Equipment Damage Your Grass?

Homeowners that are worried about large trucks or other equipment should be relieved to learn that it is often possible for this work to be done without the need to move large trucks near the trees. This is possible through specially designed tree cutting tools that have extremely long handles on them. This will allow workers to reach the highest areas of the tree without needing to use a large truck. Unfortunately, if you need to have particularly large branches removed, this may not be viable, as it may be too thick for the hand cutters. When there is a need to move the trucks closer, these professionals will take great care to avoid harming your lawn.

Will Tree Pruning Expose Your Tree To A Risk Of Disease?

If you attempt to prune your tree without hiring professionals, you may inadvertently increase the risk of the tree developing a disease as a result of the cuts that were made to it. However, professional tree pruning services will be able to reduce this risk by applying a protective coating to the cut portion of the branches so that bacteria and fungi can be prevented from entering the interior of the tree.

When Should Your Tree Be Pruned For The Best Results?

The end of the winter is typically the preferred time to prune a tree. This will give the tree enough time to heal before the start of the growing season. Pruning the tree during the growing season can reduce the amount of sunlight that it absorbs, which can drastically lower its rate of growth. Also, it may increase the risk of additional complications as insects and other pests will be more active during this time of the year.