Beyond Negotiations – Other Tips For Affordable Tree Removal Services

Beyond Negotiations – Other Tips For Affordable Tree Removal Services

20 October 2017
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DIY tree removal is dangerous, but some people choose to go down that route because they think it's expensive to hire a professional tree removal company. Instead of trying to handle such a dangerous job on your own, it's best to look for ways of getting a cheaper service. Apart from the time-tested tip of negotiating or asking for a discount, here are other tips you can use to reduce the cost of removing trees from your property:

Choose an Appropriate Pricing Model for Your Situation

Tree removal companies have different pricing models. For example, they may charge you by the hour or by the number of trees you want to be removed. None of these pricing models is superior to the other; both methods have their pros and cons. Choose the model most appropriate to your needs and you are likely to get a favorable price. For example, it may be best to opt for the flat fee model if the job is complex and tedious; for example, you won't incur further charges even if there is a complication develops during the removal.

Handle Some of the Tasks on Your Own

Another neat trick is to handle some of the tasks on your own so that the tree removal company only charges you for the actual tasks performed. Most tree removal companies can handle the entire removal and cleanup process, but they have no qualms about ceding some of the tasks to you. Most people find it easy to let the tree removers handle everything except the cleanup. However, you can even hire a tree remover to cut down the tree and let you handle everything else including chopping up the tree into pieces.

Get the Job Done Offseason

Just like other services, there are high and low seasons for tree removal services. Removing your tree during the offseason will see you enjoy reasonable rates. For example, most people remove their trees at the start of the storm season to avoid having the trees fall on their houses or cause injury. It is also during the storm season that most trees fall, get uprooted or break, and have to be removed. Tree removal companies have lots of customers during this time and aren't likely to give you serious discounts. Of course, waiting for the offseason is only possible if you are sure the tree will remain standing until that time; you can't use this tactic if you need emergency tree removal services.