Replace A Damaged Maple Tree With Another Attractive Feature

Replace A Damaged Maple Tree With Another Attractive Feature

16 October 2017
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If your favorite maple tree was struck by lightning which has caused severe damage to it and you have opted to have the tree professionally removed, you may be contemplating what to do with the land once the tree is gone. The suggestions below may help you decide how to improve the property so that you won't be constantly thinking about the missing tree and will have another attractive feature to focus on.

Use The Trunk To Make A Planter

If the maple tree's trunk is salvageable, you can use it to create a decorative planter. When a tree removal crew comes to your home to cut down the tree, request that the base of the trunk is left intact. After branches and limbs have been hauled away, use a marker or pencil to draw an outline on the top of the trunk. This outline will mark the section of wood that will be used as the planter. Use a power saw or ax to cut through the wood.

Cut down into the wood several inches so that the planter will be deep enough to hold the roots of flowering plants. Add soil to the base of the planter. Replant flowering plants that you already own or sprinkle plant seeds across the soil. Cover the roots or the seeds with additional soil and use a water hose to add water to the homemade planter. 

Plant A Tree Or Shrub And Add A Wood Chip Border

If you have chosen to have the entire tree removed, including the trunk and roots, a rather large hole may remain on your property after the tree is removed. Use a shovel to add soil to the hole. Flatten the soil by pressing it down with a tamping tool. After the soil has settled for several days, visit a nursery or landscaping business to select a sapling or shrub to purchase.

After bringing the new addition home, dig a hole in the clear portion of the property and plant the sapling or shrub. After adding soil to the hole, water the new sapling or shrub. Add wood chips around the base of the new addition to provide it with a border. 

Plant Wildflowers Or Grass

If you have decided that you do not wish to replace the tree with another large item, the bare portion of the ground can be covered so that it blends in with the rest of your yard. Use a rake to create shallow lines across the bare part of the yard. Sprinkle wildflower seeds or grass seed across the fresh soil that contains the shallow furrows. Use a sprinkler system to water the freshly-planted area. 

Contact a company like County Tree Service for more information and assistance.