3 Common Tree Diseases Your Yard Might Face This Year

3 Common Tree Diseases Your Yard Might Face This Year

12 October 2017
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If you have a yard with lots of trees and vegetation, you are probably no stranger to disease that they face. While identifying tree diseases can be difficult at first, you should be able to see the signs when you look closely.

This guide will walk you through some of the common tree illnesses yards tend to face. If you notice signs, get in touch with an arborist or landscaper right away to learn more about your options for limiting its growth.

Phytophthora Root

One of the most common signs of phytophthora root is discoloration or loss of leaves, and death typically occurs within years. The condition can spread quickly, even if the tree does not present any wounds.

The trees most common to experience phytophthora are those that are young because their root systems are so underdeveloped. You may be able to prevent most problems by providing excellent drainage for soil. You might also consider removing soil that has started to pile up.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a disease specific to oak trees that is typically caused by insects and infections from other roots underneath the soil. This leads to symptoms like wiliting, droopy leaves. It may start at the top and work its way down, eventually killing the entire tree.

Different types of oaks may react differently to oak wilt. For example, red oaks tend to show dark streaking. White oaks may experience leaf discoloration differently, appearing dry. Look for leaves that appear to change color from orange to green, for example.


This fungus develops, typically creating blotchy parts of the vegetation. It can affect entire groupings of leaves or even kill areas of the tree altogether. Sometimes, the disease can even become crooked.

Anthracnose is usually limited to just some parts of the tree if located on the leaves. This changes when the diseases spreads to twigs and branches, as this may actually kill a tree entirely. It is important that you seek assistance for these trees right away to deter spread of infection to nearby plants.

If you have trees in your yard, it is time to take note of their conditions. What kinds of illnesses might your trees face? Are they susceptible to serious infections? Are they spreading illness to other trees? It may be time to call in local services like Carlos Tree Service Inc to take a look at your trees to see why they might appear discolored or weak.