Relax Your Brown Grass Might Not Actually Be Dead Grass

Relax Your Brown Grass Might Not Actually Be Dead Grass

7 October 2017
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Does your lawn have brown patches? If so, you might be worried about whether or not your grass is dying. Brown patches or brown lawn are usually indicative that the affected grass is not getting enough water. Sometimes property owners do not have sprinkler systems in place. It also possible for sprinklers to be installed but only reach certain portions of lawns leaving other areas parched. If a drought occurs in your area you can also expect to see brown grass. The good news is that brown grass is not necessarily dead grass. Lawn care professionals refer to this phenomenon as dormant grass. The green color of grass that most people are accustomed to becomes dormant until the grass can get adequate water. The following points will help you to understand things you can do to improve the appearance of dormant grass.


Most people are aware that their lawns need to be watered. This is why some people invest in sprinkler systems. However, manual watering with a garden hose can also be sufficient. The issue with manual watering is that some people tend to overwater their lawns. Too much water can cause grass to turn a yellowish color. It can also result in brown spots if there is not proper drainage to remove any excess water. 

Soil pH

Lawn care professionals know the importance of testing the pH of soil prior to using fertilizer and other lawn care chemicals. If you attempt to do your own lawn care routines, testing the pH is still important. If you add chemicals to healthy grass without knowing the pH, it is possible for browning to occur. You might also negatively impact the soil's current pH. Keep in mind that weather changes may change the pH of your soil. This is why you should perform this test routinely. 


Weeds are a nightmare for many property owners who desire to have a beautiful lawn. Some people think that weeds will not impact a lawn that is already suffering from browning. This is not true. Weeds can cause even more browning. This is why they should be removed. Dethatching is another option you can use to remove any dead grass, roots, or debris that could be contributing to the browning.

A lawn care company is a good resource to use if you have a brown grass issue. They can determine whether or not you have a dormant grass issue or another issue that is causing the brownness. If you are obsessed with having a green, lush lawn year-round, the professionals can discuss other alternatives such as turf grass installations.