About To List A Rental? Get Tree Service To Prepare The Property For New Tenants

About To List A Rental? Get Tree Service To Prepare The Property For New Tenants

3 October 2017
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Buying a rental property is an excellent investment when you are strategical with your purchase. If you are committed to being the landlord, you can avoid extra management costs. But, you will still need to maintain the property through the years to increase rent and be a good landlord.

Some parts of the rental will stay in great condition for several decades without much upkeep. However, the landscape needs to be maintained every year and this includes the trees. It is worth getting professional tree service while you are preparing to list the vacant rental.

Take New Photos

Some property managers and apartment companies will use photos of their rentals and units for many years ago, but this does not always give the best reflection of the property. Old photos may not look as high quality as the photos that you can take now and there may be some changes.

Getting tree service will set you up for taking attractive photos of the backyard. You will feel confident about showing this area off, which will help you attract those who want a nice yard.

Prioritize Safety

If you are renting a two, three, or four-bedroom house, you should expect to rent to families. You may also accept dogs to maximize the amount of people who can rent your property. This also means that your tenants will likely spend a decent amount of time in the backyard, especially with their children and pets. You want to avoid overgrown branches that could snap and fall.

It is also possible for tree litter to cause harm to tenants when it is excessive. While your tenants may clean up a messy yard with lots of tree litter, you should clean it all up beforehand.

Avoid Damage

Tree service will include a health inspection for each tree to make sure they are healthy. If a tree is not, it can get the treatment that it needs to avoid being removed and replaced. This is a crucial step because a damaged or unhealthy tree has a higher risk of branches snapping.

It is also helpful not to expect that the tenants will know what a sick tree looks like. You will appreciate renting to a brand-new tenant knowing that all the trees in the yard are healthy.

While it may be a simple and straightforward process to find a new tenant, you should consider investing in tree service to make sure your rental is at its best in both safety and looks.

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