4 Ingenious Uses For A Storm-Damaged Tree

4 Ingenious Uses For A Storm-Damaged Tree

2 October 2017
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A standing tree is definitely more useful than a fallen one, but the latter isn't entirely useless. If a freak storm has damaged one or more of your trees and you need to remove them, you don't have to discard the trees. Here are some of the uses you can find for your fallen trees:

Make Firewood for Your Fireplace

Making firewood is one of the best uses you can have for your storm-damaged tree. Of course, this only applies if you have a fireplace. Depending on the size of the damaged tree, it can save you several months worth supply of firewood. You just need to cut the tree, chop it into shorter pieces and chop the pieces into manageable sizes. You can handle the chopping as a DIY process if it is a small tree, but bigger ones are best handled by professional tree companies.

Upscale Them for Landscaping Designs

How is your artistic side? With a little creativity, you can use your damaged trees to enhance the beauty of your landscape in many ways. Here are some of the garden improvements you can make with a damaged tree:

  • Garden benches or rustic stools
  • Borders for walkways or gardens
  • Non-slip stepping stones; for this, you need to cut slices of the trunk (or big branches), place them in strategic places and sprinkle them with sand
  • Raised planters

Mill Lumber for Wood Projects

If you do a little woodworking on the side or have been meaning to start it as a hobby, now is your chance to get into it now that you have a fallen tree. This is possible if the fallen tree is mature, sizable and of good quality (it shouldn't be rotten). For this, you need to mill the wood into lumber; many tree companies have the capacity to do it.

Make Mulch for your Garden

Even old and rotten wood should not go to waste if you have a garden. You just need a wood chipper that can pulverize the wood materials into small pieces that you can spread on the base of trees or garden beds. The mulch will add nutrients to the soil, reduce water loss, and add nutrients to the soil, among other benefits.

The type of project you plan for your fallen tree determines how it is to be cut down and chopped. Therefore, don't remove any storm-damaged tree before deciding how you want to use it. A professional tree company can help you cut down the damaged trees in the desired manner. Contact a company like Yarnell Tree Co Inc for more information and assistance.