How A Tree Service Can Prepare Your Yard For A Hurricane

How A Tree Service Can Prepare Your Yard For A Hurricane

28 September 2017
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A hurricane is different from a simple thunderstorm. It can cause heavy downpours and strong winds. This results in flooding, down trees, power outages and debris all over the place. Some homeowners have to clean up their property and deal with the damage left behind from the storm. Read on to find out how a tree service can help prepare your yard for a hurricane.

Take A Walk Around Your Yard

During a hurricane, the rain is constantly pouring down on the trees and the wind is blowing them every direction for several hours. Your trees are taking a beating. This results in your tree becoming weak and snapping.

You can start by walking around your yard to check for problem areas. It helps to check how close shrubs and trees are to your house. The branches from these plants can damage your siding and shingles.

If your trees and shrubs are close to your house, then you will have to cut them back. It is also important to get rid of debris from your yard as soon as possible.

Check The Health Of  Your Trees

To prevent falling trees, you should check the health of your trees. It is essential that you do not have dying trees apart of your landscape. A common sign of a dying tree is when the the top of the tree is dying. It usually occurs from a root or trunk problem.

Check Large Trees

You should thoroughly examine the large trees in their yard. If the tree has multiple trunks with v-shaped branches, then you face a potential hazard. The branches on this type of tree is easier  to split and becomes weaker during a storm. For these reasons, you should have a tree service to examine your yard.

A tree service company can check  the health of your shrub and trees. They can tell you what needs to be removed to make your yard safe for the storm. Removing limbs hanging over your house and dead trees can prevent damage to your property.

Remove Tree Clippings From Your Yard

If any trees or limbs are cut down, then you want to take the clippings to the landfill. Leaving the clippings can mean these items acting as projectiles for the storm. The same thing can be said about other things in your yard. It helps to remove anything that can be picked up by the wind from the storm. 

Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until a storm occurs before calling a tree removal company. It is too late once the tree falls. You must be observant of the plants in your yard. Call a service, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc., for more help.