Three Steps To Effectively Cutting A Branch Off A Tree

Three Steps To Effectively Cutting A Branch Off A Tree

30 October 2017
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If you have some trees that need to be trimmed, it is important that you use the right approach when you trim the trees. You want to make clean cuts when you trim the branches on your trees. Making a clean cut allows the tree to heal and keeps it from developing an infection.

#1 Make The First Cut Away From The Trunk

When you have a large branch that you want to cut down, you are going to make the first cut about a foot or two away from the trunk of the tree. You don't want to make the first cut so that it is right next to the trunk of the tree.

Start this cut on the underside of the limb, on the part that is facing downwards. As you make this cut, cut into the limb, but don't cut through it. You should only cut about a third of the way into the limb.

#2 Make The Second Cut Past The First Cut

The second cut you are going to make is going to be another foot or two past the first cut, away from the trunk of the tree. When you make this cut, you are going to want to cut all the way through the branch.

The main part of the branch is going to fall off at this point. When the branch brakes, the weight of the branch is going to pull the bark off with it. By making that first cut a foot or two away from the tree, you will provide a stoppage point if the bark of the tree pulls off when you cut off the main point of the branch. When the bark is pulled off the tree, it leaves behind an open wound. The bark protects your tree, and by making your first cut away from the tree trunk and your second cut a little further out, you prevent the bark on the trunk from getting damaged.

#3 Make The Third Cut Right Next To The Trunk

Now you still have a branch that is a foot or two long that you need to get rid of. It is time to make the final cut. When you make the final cut, you want to make it right where the branch meets up with the trunk.

This is called the branch collar. Look for the space where the branch and trunk connect and make a nice, clean cut in this area. This area is called the flair and it should heal up nicely with new bark and scar tissue covering it up. When it is healed, it will kind of look like a donut is covering up the cut on the tree.

By making three cuts to cut down large branches, you will protect your tree from damage and ensure that you make a nice clean cut that will help up nicely. You don't want to damage your tree when you trim it, you want to help it grow and thrive. For more information and assistance, check out a website like