Insight To Help You Safely Trim And Remove Trees In Your Yard

Insight To Help You Safely Trim And Remove Trees In Your Yard

18 October 2017
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Whether you have to cut an entire tree down in your yard or just trim parts off a tree, it is important to make sure you complete the process safely to prevent injury to yourself and damage to the tree during its trimming. Here are some tips to help you when trimming and removing trees in your yard.

Trimming Individual Branches

Often a tree in your yard will need to have some of its branches removed. If your tree has a branch that is diseased or dead, the branch touches your roof or house, or the branch is hanging low and at risk of falling upon your home or another structure, you will need to remove the branch.

Be sure you can safely reach to cut the branch either from the ground or by climbing into the lower branches of the tree, as you don't want to perch atop a ladder or high in the tree in an unsafe position and putting you at risk of injury. If you have access to a tree harness, use this while you climb the tree to keep you from falling from the tree while you are cutting.

Make a cut to the branch using a chain saw or manual saw so that when the branch falls it does not fall upon your saw, such as on top of the branch. If the end of the branch is touching your roof, make the cut from below, as the branch will catch on the roof and the stump will fall away from you when it is cut.

Don't cut a branch too far from the trunk to leave a long stump, but cut the branch outside the branch collar where the swell of the branch meets the trunk. Leaving this collar on the cut helps the wound on the tree heal more quickly and prevents disease.

If you do not have the tools or access to complete trimming yourself, you can hire a tree trimming company to remove any high or large and thick branches. They will have the required equipment and tools to safely complete the task.

Removing an Entire Tree

Removing a smaller-sized tree can be completed safely, as long as you use the proper safety equipment and cut the tree down by removing it is sections. For larger trees that have grown up into power lines, you should call the utility company, as they often provide this service.

Once you or a professional tree remover has removed the tree, you can have the stump removed. A company like General Tree Service can grind the stump in the soil, turning it to wood chips. This also boosts the nutrients in your soil to prepare it for growing other vegetation.